AAAS/Subaru Children’s Science Book of the Year Results Are In

HI all,

I loved writing HeroRat: Magawa, A Lifesaving Rodent. As soon as I read about Magawa I knew I wanted to tell his story. Heck, I’ve never been a fan of rats in general (living in NYC for 5 years, you might get used to them, but you never learn to love them) so I surprised myself by being so enamored with his story.

I mean, look how cute!

I am completely honored that HeroRat made it to the shortlist of the AAAS/Subaru Prize for Excellence in Science Books, along with three other amazing picture books. To see it reviewed on the pages of Science Magazine was an incredible thrill.

This year’s winner was just announced, and although Magawa doesn’t get to add another gold medal to his impressive statistics, it’s been a fun ride.

Please check out the amazing winner: Fox: A Circle of Life Story, by Isabel Thomas and illustrated by Daniel Egnéus.

Until next time, tootle pip and cheerio…


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