Meet famous animals!

When a high-school student from Massachusetts wrote to NASA to ask whether spiders could spin webs in zero gravity, the engineers there decided to send a spider to space! SPIDERNAUT is the true story of Arabella, the common Cross spider selected to blast into orbit and join Skylab 3. 

Beautiful Jim Key, the amazing horse, was trained to read, write, and do math by a former slave. Together, they traveled across America entertaining everyone from Booker T. Washington to President McKinley. Two million children pledged not to be cruel to animals after seeing the show—the dawn of Animal Rights/Protection agencies.

*Shortlisted for the AAAS/Subaru Excellence in Science Picture Books award*
* Science Magazine New Books for Young Scientists*
In 2020, Magawa, an African Giant Pouched Rat, won the highest honor bestowed upon an animal, the PDSA Gold Medal for bravery and dedication to duty. Magawa, a HeroRat, sniffs out landmines in former war-torn countries.

In 1925, an outbreak of diptheria in Nome, Alaska, led the town’s one doctor to issue an urgent plea for antitoxin serum. The serum would have to arrive by dogsled, as there were no trains to the area, and planes couldn’t fly in the blizzard conditions. Of the dogs that took part in the Great Serum Run (a 674-mile relay), the most celebrated were two Siberian huskies named Togo and Balto. The dogs became celebrated heroes throughout America for their dedication and bravery.

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