AAAS/ Subaru Children’s Science Book LongList

Super chuffed (excited) to announce that HeroRat (one of the Animalographies books) has made it onto the American Association for the Advancement of Science / Subaru Prize for Excellence in Science Books.

Copies of the winning book will be sent to participating schools across America. What a great way to promote nonfiction for kids!

Magawa the Herorat would be very proud.

The winner will be announced in 2023.

And very best wishes to the AMAZING other books on the list.

(I’ve already read Tu Yo-yo’s Discovery–it’s wonderful, and I’m excited to check out the others. I MUST go find a copy of ROBO-MOTION. How cool does that look? And The (short) Life of Krill is right up my alley. Plus books on Foxes and Honeybees? YES PLEASE!)

Tootle pip!


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