Things I’m doing while I wait for the LAUNCH of This Is A Serious Book

So, there are pleeeenty of things I should be doing today as I wait for launch day (more on that later).

I could be doing work


but I’m not.

I could be cleaning the house


but I’m not.

I could be working on my next book


but I’m not.

So what AM i doing, you ask?


Yes it turns out I’m actually an old lady who would like nothing more than to sit around and knit scarves and snoods (a snood is like a thneed. Re-read The Lorax for more info.)

Maybe my next book will need to have a knitting theme.

Once upon a time there was a big ball of yarn that wanted nothing more than to be unraveled….

Nah, I’d rather being doing it than writing about it.

But back to THE LAUNCH. Ta Da! There will be a launch (only a month late!) and it will involve drinks and nibbles.

Why? You ask.

Why not! I say.

And it’s going to take place at the very lovely Ink@84 independent bookstore here in North London.

I’m a jittery hot mess. Which is why I’m knitting. You knew that knitting relieves stress, right? It all comes full circle, doesn’t it!

More on the launch in the next post.


A few interior pages


Look at this beautiful page! The face on this donkey is just priceless, don’t you think! And this one is one of my favorites:


(But don’t even get me started on the number of words there are in the English language that mean the same as “fart”! Parp, pop, toot, wind, gas… shall I go on?)

Sometimes I love my job.

Hooray for books!

Exciting times with the Parachini clan! We just flew to Washington, DC, for a wedding and I got my first glimpse of This is a Serious Book in an actual bookstore. I may have squealed like a mouse. And leaped around the store singing “This is my book!” And signed two copies of it with a squeaky sharpie. And glowed for the rest of the day. I’m not saying I did any of those things… but I may have.

So if you’re in Alexandria, VA, pop into Hooray for Books and pick up a signed copy!

Oh, and on another exciting note: This is a Serious Book will be published in China by Beijing United Publishing Co. It will be in simplified Chinese (Ha! simplified!) I’ll post a lovely version of the cover here when I receive it.

This is a Serious Book (Really!)

October 11.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 20.12.38

It’s out! In the world. The real world! (Okay, only in the US, but that still counts!)

My latest book is on the shelves. Or it should be, so go ask your librarian/friendly independent bookseller/kindergarten teacher for a copy!

Or click on Amazon. I won’t tell.