You may have read recently about the amazing rat named Magawa who passed away in December.

The rat who saved human lives.

The rat who earned a gold medal.

No? Well, in case you missed the extraordinary tale of this extraordinary creature, you can soon read all about him!

Presenting …

Coming Soon!

A new, TRUE STORY, coming this April! Part of the Animalographies series of books about remarkable animals.

I had heard about this rat a few years ago but I didn’t know whether I wanted to write about a rodent.

EWWW, rats! Right?

(Except for Templeton in Charlotte’s Web, of course!)

As soon as I read about Magawa’s amazing landmine-sniffing abilities, however,
I changed my mind.

A rat, who’s a real hero? YES, PLEASE!

The book is illustrated by Keiron Ward and Jason Dewhirst, who have also illustrated the next book in the series (but that’s a post for another time!)

You can PREORDER HeroRat now HERE!



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