New Books! New Books!

Very Exciting News here! I have two new books coming out this October that will blow your socks off! (or at least make you take them off gently and roll them into a neat ball before shooting a three-pointer into the laundry basket…)

They are for a new series I created called …



What now?

Animal-ographies. Like biographies and autobiographies, but of animals. Get it?

This will be a series of informational fiction books about animals that have amazing stories to tell, and THE ANIMALS will be doing the telling.

Here’s a hint for the first two animals that feature in the books:

And there are more to come. Two more book are scheduled for next spring (and they may or may not be about an inspirational rat and a pair of heroic dogs. But you didn’t hear that from me.)

Here are the wonderful early reviews from Kirkus and School Library Journal (AUG 31, 2021 and SEPT 1, 2021 editions).

The text is written as a first-person narrative from the horse’s point of view, with occasional “diary” entries from particular locations and years. This style works well to draw readers into the story and to reinforce the idea that animals have feelings….[The] characters are endearing and engaging. A FASCINATING STORY.


This delightful book introduces readers to a little-known experiment that will engage space lovers and arachnid fans alike.

School Library Journal

Keep your eyes peeled for the full COVERS soon!

Ta ta for now…


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