Starred Reviews!

Hello fellow pandemic warriors!

Raise your hand if you’re holding on by a fingernail.

Yup, my sanity was always pretty precarious but I think it’s finally left the building. It must be enjoying a mighty fine cocktail with Elvis and a Dodo bird right about now.

I figured what the hey, let’s pack up and move an entire house worth of possessions, plus get a brand new puppy, all while homeschooling and avoiding the plague. Smart move.

Sooooo, moving on… Some very exciting news for Listening to the Stars, which is coming out IN ONE MONTH!! The kind people at Kirkus Reviews and School Library Journal have both given the book their highest honour, a starred review! I want to say a huge

to both organisations for their incredible comments about my book.

Here are some snippets of those reviews:

“An Irishwoman and a radio telescope change astronomy forever. …

“‘Does the galaxy have a sound?’ asks the first line of this elegant biography. …

“Well-chosen similes illuminate fundamental concepts, backed by Badiu’s rich, celestial blues and purples. Frank discussion of the sexism Burnell faced leads into a hopeful note about her efforts to support young women in astronomy. …

“As gorgeous as it is informative.”

–Kirkus Review March 1, 2021 STARRED REVIEW


“Parachini’s historical picture book spotlights the Irish astrophysicist Dame Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell (b. 1943), who discovered the first radio pulsars…

“The lively art complements the text, creating a sense of openness and balance in its use of stars as a driving thematic motif. This book could be read in a science unit that emphasizes the empowering message that everyone can study STEM fields. …

“An inspiring picture book biography of an inquisitive girl who became a world-renowned scientist, told in ­accessible language.”

–School Library Journal March 2021 STARRED REVIEW

Well, that’s me blushing!

Thanks all! ⭐️😁😆⭐️

(Next week I’ll tell you all about my exciting BLOG TOUR coming soon!)

Ciao for now.


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