Skully and Bones

Hello October!

September is always the most beautiful month to be in England–Indian summer days, bright sunshine, spectacular sunsets–but when October rolls around all of that seems to disappear with a POOF!

(It’s been raining for two straight days here. I’m going to need a rowboat soon…)

Luckily however, I love everything that comes with autumn. Pumpkins, crisp apples, and HALLOWEEN!

So, to get in the spirit, I wrote a little something. This story is for a 200-word contest called #FallWritingFrenzy. It’s sponsored by kidLit author Lydia Lukidis and author/agent Kaitlyn Sanchez.

You can see the rules here.

Please check them out, get involved, and support the other writers by visiting their sites too.

So without further ado, I give you…

all images courtesy of UNSPLASH


“Dear Skully,” said Bones 
on one Halloween night,
“deep down in my toes 
I feel something’s not right!
"The pumpkins sit grinning, 
the black cats are meeting,
while fairies and ghosts 
flit about trick-or-treating.
"Yet something inside of me’s 
feeling quite airy
instead of hair-raising,
spine-chilling, and scary.
"My hip bones and knee bones 
and fingers and spine
are right where they should be
and doing just fine.
"But where is the rest
of my innards and skin?
If I’m nothing but bones,
“Oh Bones,” replied Skully
“there’s no need to worry.
Whoever has made us
was just in a hurry.
"These kids seem like whizzes 
at costumes and crafts,
Let’s ask them to patch up
two bungled rough drafts.
courtesy of Pexels
“Try stuffing our nothing 
with candy and treats,
or please let us borrow 
you ghostly white sheets!”
But all of the children who 
saw them just w a i l e d.
“It seems our request,
my dear Skully, has failed.”
So Skully and Bones
were both left without parts.
No noses to sniff with,
no quick-beating hearts.
And crept through the town
on that dull Halloween,
two lanky no-bodies
with air in between!

There you have it…a 200 word story about skeletons who are missing their insides. Maybe if I turn this into a proper picture book I’ll give them a happier ending!

Happy writing all!


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